5 Things You Need to Know About Net Zero Projects

A Net Zero building is a building that never leaves you with an energy bill. That’s right your energy for your home, triplex, rental, apartment and commercial building will leave you paying nothing at the end of the year. Having the ability to eliminate one more person from digging into your pockets can make a big impact. Being able to eliminate one expense line from your business can make a good deal into a great deal. A typical home owner in the US spends over $200,000 on electricity for their home over 30 years. Besides the financial benefits there are many which I will detail below.

1- Cost of Living!

You hear it again and again, it’s not always what you make sometimes its what you spend. Being able to eliminate your energy bill helps homeowners be able to afford more of life’s luxuries. So many people are moving to different countries not just cities in order to reduce cost of living. You can do it in your own home today at much cheaper costs than just a few years ago. With the rising costs of energy net zero is definitely something all investors need to implement.

2- One Less Item on that Balance Sheet!

As investors we are always looking for ways to increase our returns. Best way to do that sometimes is to look internally. One man’s misfortunate is another man’s fortune. Just like an old run down building that needs some love and care from the right owner to make a killing, turning your properties into net zero buildings can make you a killing. Invest a little now, reek riches forever. By 2020 some states like California are going to require every new building be net zero ready. The time to start learning is yesterday.

3- It can Save the World.

Global warming is real no matter what the new president tells us. Net zero homes produce less toxins. Better quality air equals better quality lives. Less greenhouse emissions. It’s publicized on the new, scientists all over the world are looking for ways to reduce global warming. As humans our homes are cars produce the most carbon emissions and just like electric powered cars have become the future so will net zero homes.

4- Zero Energy Homes are Healthier Homes

These homes produce fewer outdoor pollutants and allergens entering the home. These high-performance homes offer superior indoor air quality, retains heat, control moisture, reduce dangerous mold problems and keep families healthier. The air tight adjustments are much more achievable in today’s world than just 5–10 years ago. Improving your general health can be done just by choosing the home you live in.

5- Zero Energy Homes of the Future.

These homes give back to the world, take less, save money, makes more money and will soon be everywhere. Rooftop gardens and solar panels are the wave of the future. The world is ever evolving. New markets come some stay others go. Energy is going to become more and more expensive. Global markets are shifting. Get ahead of the curve and plan for the future.

In California we lead the nation in net zero projects and most of the country is in line to follow this trend. The world’s important to all of us and this new technology is doing some ground breaking things for investors and builders all around.

Besides all the benefits, advantages and obvious reasons to invest now the houses look cool as heck. Check out these 3D renderings for projects in Sacramento (the hottest real estate market in the USA) at sacurbanworks.com.

Helping people achieve financial freedom through Real Estate and business bring me great joy. I am a life long Sacramentan and really do love my life.

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